Lauren Bortolami Robbins - Renowned Psychic Medium Massachusetts and Worldwide


Book an office or phone session with Lauren.  Her sessions are therapuetic as she wraps all of  her natural gifts into one to help you to get on your spiritual path and to heal from a loss.


Attend a live Medium Event in the Massachusetts area or take a live group or class training to develop your spiritual gifts in a safe manner with prayer.  Lauren's trainings are unique.


Can't attend a live training?  Take an online class with Lauren.  Learn how to develop your angel, psychic, and mediumship gifts.  Classes are being added monthy as they become available. Don't miss out.



Lauren Bortolami Robbins is a world renowned and gifted Professional Psychic Medium, Author, and Spiritual Teacher with the most positive reviews you can find online, 175+ and more. Lauren is a Mansfield Massachusetts Medium and Lauren is listed as one of the top ten Best Psychics and Mediums in Massachusetts, the Boston area, Mansfield, MA and worldwide.  


Lauren is a non-commercial Medium, as she does not seek to work with large audiences or become famous.  Instead her mission is to prove that the afterlife exists in her small evidential medium events in Massachusetts of no more than 50 people allowed for her guests to have an intimate experience.  Lauren is the original Massachusetts Medium that formed the Massachusetts Medium Paranormal Team in 2008.


Lauren has undergone Psychic Medium testing to be placed and invited as an Endorsed Research Medium for the Voices Across The Veil Project (a science program to prove the afterlife), and a Psychic Medium for Ayrial, Best American Psychics, and She Breathes Wellness.   Lauren is professionally listed on the Best Psychic Directory, Famous Psychic Mediums, and all the sites she has tested for.  Lauren has interviewed for producers of television shows, radio stations, and for local news articles.   Lauren is the author of the "Who Are You" book on Amazon and  is a spiritual teacher who offers live and online training.


Lauren has won awards from Ayrial as the first VIP Power Woman of The Year Circle and as a Best Psychic Medium.  You can read Lauren's  written reviews on this website, the Best Psychic Directory, Best American Psychics, and Famous Psychic Mediums.  Lauren provides  live and online spiritual training and events to those who wish to connect to the spiritual world safely and with prayer.  Please visit Lauren's various pages to learn more about her.








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