Lauren Bortolami Robbins - Reviews by Clients - 2015

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My boyfriend passed away a month ago and I came to Lauren with a lot of nerves, questions, and uneasiness.  I think when someone we love passes we all hope that there is something else out there that exists for not only them but also to put our mind at ease, but we don't know for sure and that is the heart wrenching part of grief.  It took all of about two minutes with Lauren to realize that there is indeed a Heaven and that my boyfriend is safe and in Heaven but also with me.  She validated it was him by so many private things only I would know.  Since his passing I have been lost, confused, heartbroken, etc. but after the one hour medium session I walked away feeling like I was just with him.  She gave me ways to know he is with me and how to feel and sense him and it brought immediate comfort.  I will definitely return to her in a few months to communicate with him again but this time I will have a list of questions I want to ask him.  I am so at peace today for the first time since he passed. Kristen Ford, submitted December 18, 2015 via email.


I came into this not knowing exactly what to expect and went away inspired and grateful. When I realized that the people in my life who had passed on were actually still there supporting me it became a very emotional experience but in a good way. And I am so glad it was Lauren that I choose to do this, it felt like I was talking to a good friend or a trusted teacher. I think that was important because once the people from the "other side" proved to me through facts only I would know, I had that shocking moment of realization that this is actually real. That's when it began to hit home so to speak and became personal, so I was glad that it was Lauren delivering the messages. She is caring, compassionate, funny and just a normal person who was clearly given a powerful gift.  I'm glad she has chosen to share that gift with others but I think that's just the kind of person she is. I think she genuinely cares about people and has a desire and passion to help. Thank you Lauren.  George G., Video Producer, submitted December 15, 2015, 8:43 am, via email.


On October 18th I took a psychic/medium class with Lauren and the class was truly just the beginning of something magical and I'm so thankful to have been apart of it. The following day I started a cross country trip and had moments with Kay (Lauren's niece who died and I knew personally). The first day I was driving I received sad news concerning a family member and was questioning why I had begun the trip. I decided to pull over and rest and in that moment I parked next to a car with 111 on the license plate and my hotel room came out to $111.86. A few days later I was visiting in Kansas. I had a friend pass away in Afghanistan and upon arriving to Fort Scott (a National military historical site) I found his initials MRH etched into a blackboard in one of the buildings with my birth year ‘88 underneath it. As if that wasn’t enough, I walked around town and found his birthday on a circus poster behind an old Ford Galaxy with my nickname on it, BB. During the psychic class one of the students brought him forward by drawing a clown face. I've been doing a tarot reading for myself in the morning for guidance because it’s so much. I astral traveled the night of the class. The list goes on! With the help of Lauren I am healing on so many levels and I'm doing this without any medication for my depression that I was told I would have to be on for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for your advice. I really appreciate you.Leanne Barrows, November 9th 2015, 10:34:01 PM, submitted via Bravenet Guest Book.
I am always a bit skeptical about readings, but I was very pleasantly surprised by Lauren's spot on insights without knowing me. I also enjoyed the time, as she is a delightful, caring person! I am so glad I met her! kathi, June 4th 2015
02:38:43 PM, submitted via Bravenet Guest Book.
Amazing job! She came to our salon workplace in Mansfield last night (Friday, February 20, 2015) and read 10 of us girls! Each reading was on point and correct with details she could never know. She tells it like it is, and offers many different types of readings to chose from. I chose a 'Medium" reading even though my angels made their way in like I was hoping! Give her a try, you won't be disappointed. Kayla S, February 24th 2015, 11:48:49 AM, submitted via Bravenet Guest Book
Everyone needs to be read by Lauren...very eye opening to so many things..Love her!!  Shannon F, February 22nd 2015 06:02:30 AM, submitted via Bravenet Guest Book
I had a phone reading with Lauren, and I was amazed she was able to bring me some peace with my mother. She was accurate with so many things I was speechless. Lauren is a kind compassionate person who has a gift... The experience was so wonderful and the peace I have a unbelievable..... Thank you.  kim stodder, February 18th 2015, 09:34:23 AM, submitted via Bravenet Guest Book.
My experience with Lauren is something i will cherish for a long time! She is truly amazing and her truth and honesty was what made her unforgettable! I left my medium session feeling so relaxed to know the truth about my loved ones! If your looking for the best, go see Lauren!!  Katrina Smaltz February 8th 2015, 11:13:12 AM, submitted via Bravenet Guest Book
My first reading with Lauren was incredible! She confirmed details that happened 14 years ago, and only details I would know about. She lifted a burden of guilt I had been carrying for many years. She gave me re-enforcement that my loved one wanted me to live my life and move on. Since my reading with Lauren, I have followed her advice, and now feel a sense of peace! Lauren is an honest Medium,her connections and messages are truly comforting and she is a great inspiration to me! I definitely want to see her again and again! Caroline DeAlmeida, January 19th 2015, 06:26:37 AM, submitted via Bravenet Guest Book
Lauren, Everything about Lauren's reading services was top notch, professional, and reassuring. I opted for the phone reading, since I'm 3000 miles away from her office. From booking the appointment until the end, I felt at ease in knowing that I found the right psychic. For lack of better words on my part, Lauren receives and exercises her gifts through the white light of God - and that was important to me. Her insights were amazing. Plus, I really felt like she cared about what I've been going through. I won't hesitate to make another appointment with Lauren. In fact, I'll be setting up a reading for a family member.  S. Braun,January 18th 2015, 10:20:07 PM submitted via Bravenet Guest Book.
Lauren gave me my very first reading after the passing of my dear brother. She brought thru not only my brother but my dad, mom. The connections with my loved ones were not only so spot on, but confirmed much of what I had heard thru family members about my dad, as I never knew him. She is professional, kind and most of all compassionate. She cried right along with me. Because of her amazing reading, it opened the door for me to being able to hear my loved ones in spirit and know that they are truly safe and still so connected to me. I highly recommend and encourage any one looking for a reading from an an accurate and very kind medium. You will not be disappointed. Lauren, this recommendation is so overdue. Thank you for being the angel you are and opening doors for me. Ellie Yanolis
I had a phone reading in August & Lauren told me I would get the job I wanted by September 15-20th and I got the call September 20th. I am praying what she told me about an upcoming situation comes true too. I would recommend Lauren to anyone needing guidance. Stacy Snow - October 2015


Amazing job! She came to our salon workplace in Mansfield last night and read 10 of us girls! Each reading was on point and correct with details she could never know. She tells it like it is, and offers many different types of readings to chose from. I chose a 'Medium" reading even though my angels made their way in like I was hoping! Give her a try, you won't be disappointed. Kayla Slavin - May 2015